Chord Charts

There was some interest in the chord charts for all the songs on the 11:43am record so here they are.

I will try to record and post a new song this week. 


  1. He Alone
  2. Psalm 124
  3. Song of Adoption
  4. The Gospel is All I Have
  5. Peace Be Still
  6. I Belong to Jesus
  7. Justice is Coming
  8. James 4
  9. Beyond my Reach
  10. I will Believe the Lord
  11. Hour of the Christ
  12. What our God has Done

2 thoughts on “Chord Charts

  1. Nathan, this is a really strong collection of songs, and the performances are really convincing. I love seeing original music written for specific local church contexts–perhaps it’s ironic that it is usually more likely to be useful to my church context than music produced by the Nashville establishment for everychurch. You’ve done a great service to the Church with this project. Thanks.

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