The Lord is my Joy

Here is a song that I wrote back in 2008 when I was in Seattle on vacation. I came back and finished it and we played it a few weeks later at Redeemer. One of the things that is sweet to me about this song is that Wolfy, Ben Flack and I sang it together and Wofly and Ben added their harmony parts. This was during a time when Ben was doing an internship with Redeemer and it always brings sweet memories back to me. Ben came back to lead worship with me and Wolfy about a month ago and we played this song again and were able to record it.

This is also one of my attempts at a song of adoration. I have been trying to write songs of adoration. Adoring God is all I want to do most of the time when I pray or sing and yet writing songs that are simple and honest and adore God is difficult for me. In Acts 8:32 it is written, “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” This verse has been the reminder that I have needed over the past few years as to why I should continue to trust my Father in heaven. I am prone to doubt when I cannot perceive how God is at work, especially when horrible things happen in my life or in the lives of those close to me. If I believe in Jesus at all, I must believe that God loves me more than I can comprehend.


The Lord is my Joy (listen) (chord chart)

The Lord is my Joy, the Lord is my Joy
When all that I have is lost,
The Lord is my Joy.

The Lord is my strength, the Lord is my strength,
When I am too weak to go on I find,
The Lord is my strength.

My all in all is he, My healing King
My Master tends to me,
For him my soul shall sing.

The Lord is my rock, the Lord is my rock,
When all I have faith in fails,
The Lord is my rock.

The Lord is my delight,  the Lord is my delight,
Above all the joys of life,
The Lord is my delight.

My all in all is he, my breath, my song.
In him I have everything,
To him my soul belongs

I wait, and wait upon you, To come for me in rescue.
Give strength,  my heart is failing, Yet still, my lips will praise you.

And with his wings he covers me, He keeps his watch when I’m asleep,
I offer all my thoughts and dreams, I give my savior everything.

You who gave your only son, I dare not doubt your steadfast love.
Come, I beg you take my life, if am yours then all is right.

My all in all is he, my closest friend.
I put my trust in him,
On him my soul depends.


7 thoughts on “The Lord is my Joy

  1. Amen and amen. May this always and forever be our heart’s deepest cry and our soul’s steadfast declaration till we see Him face to face. And, then, no longer fettered by the limits and muddleness of our finite minds or the constant interrupting noise of the flesh, we will at last be free to worship, praise and adore Him unrestrained with every fiber of our being! HALLELUJAH!!!

  2. Thanks for writing that Nathan. I can’t tell you how pointedly it has lifted myself and many I know at New City every time we play it. Of course, not the song actually, but the beauty and worth of Christ that it holds up.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this song. We sang it at the church I attend, Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City. My grandfather past away recently and this song- especially the verses about the Lord keeping watch over us while we sleep and that if we are His then all is right. These truths are comforting to cling to. He is our closest Friend!

  4. Nathan, I have ths one saved as a favorite and listen to it, well, alot. This morning it gave voice to stifled tears, and comfort from the Lord when they came. Keep worshiping, writing, composing, and sharing.

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