I have Found a Hidden Fountain

I wrote this song a couple of weeks ago. I actually originally wrote the music to “O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus”. I have always liked the tune of that hymn but I have also felt that those lyrics could be heard differently and maybe even some of the lyrical imagery blossom more if put to something a little less like a Russian submarine song. However, after practicing Thursday night for Sunday morning it became apparent that I could not mess with this classic hymn without being a complete distraction for most of the people that heard it. So, after being encouraged by my friends Elyce and Kipp, I went back and wrote new lyrics to go with the music that I had written. I was actually glad that I had to go back to the drawing board because it led me to spend time with the Lord and thinking of the way that he works in my life.


Vocals: Nathan Partain, Kyle Ragsdale
Banjo: Kyle Edgell
Washboard: Elyce Elder
Fiddle: Kipp Normand
Harmonica: Jeremy Grimmer
Bass: Joel Chodakowski
Bass Drum/Percussion: Brian Allee


I have Found a Hidden Fountain       (listen)     (chords) 

I have found a hidden fountain, that is running o’er with peace,
And it satisfies my thirsting, and it brings me to my knees.
Now at last, I’ve known refreshing; now I’ve drunk my fill of Truth.
He is sweet and good and loving, and He makes me all brand new.

I have found a flooding river, it has cut a path so deep.
It has washed out all my boundaries, and uprooted all my trees.
No, I cannot fight its current, it never fails and never yields
He keeps pushing, bending, breaking until all my soul is healed.

I have found a fearsome mountain, will not move and cannot fall,
In its strength I am so fragile, in its shadow I’m so small.
I have laid in cracks and caverns, touched his hands and felt his side.
All that power, rent to save me, Oh, I give him all my life.


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