Glory to God in the Highest

This song was a gift of God to me. I had written about eight mediocre ideas during the month of December and was not excited about any of them. Then one afternoon in the midst of writing I had the beginning of a concept that I thought could actually go somewhere. I thought I wrote it down or recorded it before I had to move to the next thing but apparently i did not because the next day when I went back to work on it, I couldn’t find it…anywhere. It took a while but I finally let it go and tried to keep writing. However, I still didn’t like anything I was doing. Finally, under the pressures of my work at the church, Christmas services and my own downward spiraling I found myself on my face before the Lord in frustration and failure. God was gracious with me and took all of my thrashing. When I had prayed all that I had left I felt like he had heard and that it was time to lay down my wrestling and go home. Then the next morning while I was making my lunch the concept that I had lost started coming back to me. The song began to just fall into place in my head as I was getting ready for work. Before long I found myself in the shower weeping with joy and thanksgiving in the way that the Lord was providing for me, tending to my heart and helping me tell of his beauties. Anyway, this song is a reminder to me of how God blesses me so that I can proclaim the glories of his Name.


vocals: Nathan Partain, Rebekah Osborn, Kyle Ragsdale
guitar: Nathan Partain
fiddle: Kipp Normand
viola: Ashley Overley
upright bass: Joel Chodakowski
percussion: Brian Allee
djembe: Wes Homoya


Glory to God in the Highest      (listen)     (chords)

There was a boy, went for a walk, down by the stream, picked out some rocks, and stepped out on, the battle field, no shield or sword, for him to wield. The giant jeered, and boasted loud, the little boy, just held his ground, and pulled a stone, out of his pouch, and raised his sling, and slung it round singing…

“Glory to God in the Highest! Glory to God! Glory to God!”

A coward man, was hiding low, an angel called, told him to go, and lead his kin, to overthrow, the burdens of their wicked foes.
His troop was small, three hundred men. The foe too vast, to count, like sand. Still they around, the foe that night, raised up their horns, and jars of light singing…

“Glory to God in the Highest! Glory to God! Glory to God!”

A pilgrim folk, in desert sun, were told to take, a fortress town. No siege ramps built, no batter ram, the word of God, would be their plan.
Six days they marched, around its sides, the seventh day, the seventh time, the trumpets made, a victor’s sound. The people raised, a mighty shout singing…

“Glory to God in the Highest! Glory to God! Glory to God!”

A virgin aches, in labor pains.  She’s giving birth, to “Him who Saves”. There in the barn, the humble means, the filthy rags, the trough unclean.
The rock now strikes, the giants face. The jars now break, the light dismays. Jerricho’s walls, are tumbling down, for Christ is born! Angels are singing…

“Glory to God in the Highest! Glory to God! Glory to God!”