What in the what, is the Lord doing?

So, yesterday as we were hitting our goal (and while we were freaking out) I had a flashback to the moment when I pressed the “publish” button on our Kickstarter project late the night before. I said a small anxious prayer to the affect of “Lord, please, if we could just make this goal.” As I sat there watching us pass our goal in less than a day I felt like the Lord was saying, “Your faith was so small. What is in your heart?” The first thing that came into mind was the record of original Christmas songs that Sarah and I have been talking about all year. Then, of course, I thought, “No, that’s a whole different project. That’s too much!” But I felt my heart soften to be vulnerable in hope and obedience so I have decided to put it out there by faith for you all to consider.

We are fully funded toward “A Lovely Wait” and I am working to finish tracking this week and the songs get turned in for mixing next week. Thanks to you all, that is happening at full speed.

If you all would like me to put out an original Christmas record this year, Sarah and I would love to make that happen. I have been writing songs for Advent and Christmas for over 10 years now and I would love to share a collection of those songs with you to add to your holiday music playlist and to encourage your devotion to Jesus during that season. If you are anything like us, we are always looking for edifying Advent/Christmas music focused on Jesus and I would love try to capture the mystery, awe, hope and gratitude of the Advent and Christmas season.

Stretch Goal 
Recording a Christmas record the most efficient way is the most expensive. It would cost $26,000 if we recorded with a producer in the studio and if I was able to pay the musicians for their work. If I self produce the record and the musicians are willing (and able) to volunteer their time then it could be as inexpensive as $10,600. So, if we can raise between $10,600-$26,000 in the next 18 days, we will get going on planning and scheduling a record of songs on the incarnation and second coming.

So, big stretch goal beyond the original $7,000:
Advent/Christmas Record $10,600-$26,000

That’s a potential Kickstarter total of $33,000.

How will the Rewards Work? 
As far as rewards go, if you’d like to support the Christmas Record I’ll honor the same rewards levels for “A Lovely Wait” but toward the Christmas record. So, for instance if you want to donate $20 you can choose which record you wanted to get or if you wanted to donate $40 at the “Come on Sing Along” level then you could choose the Christmas record lead sheets and chord charts. Make sense? So just pick a reward and then send me a comment if you want your reward to count toward the Christmas record.

We’re Listening 
If you have any other ideas of things that you would love for us to do, let me know. I had someone mention a video and folks in the past have asked about vinyl. I’m open to your ideas so don’t hesitate to send them my way. If I get enough of a ground swell I will definitely listen.

All Funds will Be Dedicated to Music 
Lastly, to be clear, no matter what happens or how much we raise, I want you to know that it will all go directly into getting more music out to you all. No other purpose.

Click here to join the project.

Again, thank you for your kindness and generosity in supporting my music. May it always point you to Jesus and bring him glory.

Words cannot express…

…how grateful we are for what has happened today. We are in shock. I spent the afternoon off and on in tears. We had no idea that it was even possible that we could be totally funded in less than 24 hours. You all are amazing and we feel the love and support. I will be working to get this record in your hands as soon as possible and if this overflow of generosity means that you are wanting more music and you want to continue to fund for the next 19 days, I will work extra hard on getting more music out in your hands. Sarah and I have been talking about doing a Christmas record. If it were funded I would work to get it out by mid November. If that sounds like something you’d like to support, leave a comment and let us know and we will make it a stretch goal. Thank you all so much!

Check out my Kickstarter for my new record! 

Hey lovely people, I know it’s been a while but I am working on a new album to be released in May and we are doing a Kickstarter for the next 20 days to get the project finished. Check out my video and please consider partnering with me in getting this music out. Thank you all! You can donate and find fun perks HERE.


New Record/New Website/Please Subscribe


Hey Folks, I know it has been over a year now since I have posted new songs but I have been busy creating a new record. Some of the songs you might have heard live versions or demos of here and some will be brand new to you. I recorded them with a band called Jaywalker. I think of us as a sort of southern rock band. Don’t know if that sounds good to you but I hope it does. It was a blast to make and I am excited to share it. It will go on sale on my website HERE this Friday at 7pm EST.

Screenshot 2015-06-10 23.25.46

Speaking of my website, I just put together a new website and it is now live. This gives me one place to do everything that I want to do on the web. It will be the place where you can get my new record, see new blog posts and hopefully unifies my wordpress/cdbaby/bandcamp scattered presence. At least it helps my brain if nothing else. I would super appreciate it if you have subscribed here that you would take the time to subscribe there as well. Just click HERE. It will only about 30 seconds and I would love to keep you all up to date with news and new songs, etc. Thank you all for you kind comments and encouragements.

For His Own Sake

There are some songs that you get pregnant with and you can’t help but finally just to let it out. This is one of those songs. Whether through my own life or through the deep suffering of dear friends, I have been working through this aspect of our walk with Jesus. What does it mean to love the almighty God when he allows calamity? What should we expect in this life? After spending much time in the word and prayer, after trying to teach these truths to myself and those around me, this song comes and it sums up one of the largest truths that has emerged during this season. That I do not love God for what he does for me. I love him for who he is alone. That is what it means to really love. He is worthy of my love, my strength, my devotion and honor. And it is not just that I am obliged to give my everything to him. I want to. In fact, there is nothing I want more than to give my all to my God. This song was recorded live in worship on Palm Sunday.


Vocals: Nathan Partain, Katherine Green, Kyle Ragsdale
Guitar: Nathan Partain
Violin: Wes Lackey
Accordion: Corinn Gove
Bass: Joe Wheeler
Percussion: Brian Allee


For His Own Sake            (Listen/Download)      (Chord Chart)

I have seen the bright birth of the morning,
I have worked through the sweat of the day.
I have laughed as the summer rains poured down from heaven,
and I’ve harvested oceans of grain.

I have worked and I’ve worked and had nothing,
I have prayed and I’ve prayed but no rain,
I have lost to the fire, storm and locust,
And woke up to find all my land left in shame.

Still each morning and noon and in evening,
I will trust my Lord and bless his name.
Never seeking the gain but the Giver,
So I love him for nothing but for his own sake.

I have made the mistake that my blessing,
Means the favor of God on my ways,
And thought every hardship, his anger against me,
And cried out in darkness for grace.

Now I know that his kindness is steadfast,
He has anchored my soul in his peace,
So that suffering is now just the pangs of my hunger,
to know the embrace of my King.

Still each morning and noon and in evening,
I will trust my Lord and bless his name.
Never seeking the gain but the Giver,
So I love him for nothing but for his own sake.

I have learned that this world is not truest,
There’s a hope held securely beyond,
And since Jesus has suffered through my own destruction,
I entrust my all to my God.

I have seen deepest loss bring rejoicing,
Seen a mother with her stillborn sing praise,
I have seen those abused and those ravaged by sickness,
Through tears and in anguish give thanks.

Still each morning and noon and in evening,
I will trust my Lord and bless his name.
Never seeking the gain but the Giver,
So I love him for nothing but for his own sake.