New Compilation: Songs for the Supper

I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. — Jesus [John 6:53]

I got the privilege to get a couple of songs (Gathered Round your Table / Lord Jesus Christ be Present Now) on a new compilation by Cardiphonia called Songs for the Supper. It is one of the many projects instigated by Bruce Benedict who runs Cardiphonia and who himself is a great song writer, pastor and worship leader. There are a number of other great song writers involved from around the country. The compilation includes 30 new songs built around helping us understand, with greater depth, what the Lord Supper means to us as children of God. Check it out, name your price and enjoy!


Our Lover

This is a song I wrote back in 2000. It actually came after having a very shameful dream. I woke up and found myself before the Lord needing to be covered and in the intimacy, vulnerability and safety of that moment with him this song flowed out. It has been a while since I have sung it at church but recently Jason Dorsey has been preaching on what Godly sexuality is and it felt appropriate to sing it again. I wanted to bring a slightly different musical mood to the song so I so that I might own it freshly so I remixed it a little and put it in a different key to force the melody into a slightly different space.


Vocals: Nathan Partain, Rebekah Osborn
Guitar: Nathan Partain
Banjo: Kyle Edgell
Harmonica: Jeremy Grimmer
Viola: Ashley Overley
Bass: Joel Chodakowski
Percussion: Brian Allee


Our Lover      (listen)    (chords)

O my God, lead me to a rainbow,
O my God, your sunlight through dark rains,
O my God, tell me of your promise,
O my God, I will not be afraid.

For you O God, rescued us from danger,
     For you O God, let us your sweetness taste,
     For you O God, have led us like a lover,
     And O my God, I will seek your face

O my God, lead me to the river,
O my God, wash away the stains,
O my God, fill my heart with music,
O my God, before you I will play.

 For you O God, I will sing with trembling,
     For you O God, close to your fearful strength,
     For you O God, have called me to your presence,
     And O my God, I will know your Name.

O my God, you lift me like a bridegroom,
O my God, hide me in your train,
O my God, hold me close forever,
O my God, cover up my shame

For you O God, took off all your glory,
     For you O God, to clothe me in your grace,
     For you O God, with tender hands you heal me,
     And O my God, I on your beauty gaze