New Record/New Website/Please Subscribe


Hey Folks, I know it has been over a year now since I have posted new songs but I have been busy creating a new record. Some of the songs you might have heard live versions or demos of here and some will be brand new to you. I recorded them with a band called Jaywalker. I think of us as a sort of southern rock band. Don’t know if that sounds good to you but I hope it does. It was a blast to make and I am excited to share it. It will go on sale on my website HERE this Friday at 7pm EST.

Screenshot 2015-06-10 23.25.46

Speaking of my website, I just put together a new website and it is now live. This gives me one place to do everything that I want to do on the web. It will be the place where you can get my new record, see new blog posts and hopefully unifies my wordpress/cdbaby/bandcamp scattered presence. At least it helps my brain if nothing else. I would super appreciate it if you have subscribed here that you would take the time to subscribe there as well. Just click HERE. It will only about 30 seconds and I would love to keep you all up to date with news and new songs, etc. Thank you all for you kind comments and encouragements.